Introducing the TineLok Vibration Proof Fastening System from Permanent Technologies

Permanent Technologies, Inc. is an emerging growth company with numerous international patents for a unique and innovative vibration proof fastening system called: “TineLokTM ®”. The product is a patented, one-way nut with a thermoplastic insert and bolt combination, which locks the nut onto the bolts machined flats at predefined positions, eliminating the possibility that vibration may loosen the nut or bolt.

There are multiple locking fasteners on the market for applications with heavy vibration, however these assemblies have primarily serviced vibration “resistant” issues.

To All Buyers:  Engineers, Purchasing agents, Maintenance & Facilities personnel actually installing fastener assemblies on vibration related equipment, machinery or vehicles of any sort…check out our patented “vibration proof” locking fastener assembly!

“TineLokTM ® provides many benefits over traditional products:

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Benefits to You

  • Permanent Technologies manufactures these fastener assemblies
  • Ease of installation, tightening and removal as there are not special tools needed
  • Standard wrenches loosen and tighten our fastener assembly
  • Prevention of joint failure in hard to service locations saving time and money
  • From custom designed prototypes to mass production, “TineLokTM ®” delivers a quality product at competitive pricing
  • Manufacturing the fastening assemblies allows us to deliver product on short notice
  • Tine – a prong, a thin pointed projection of a utensil or implement
  • Lok (lock) – any device or part for stopping the motion of a mechanism, hence: “TineLokTM ®

Tinelok™® Vibration Proof Fastener Assembly

Learn more about the operational features & details.

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