About the Inventor of "TineLok Technology"

Robert (Bob) Distasio

Bob DiStasio entered this world on November 23, 1934 in Port Chester, New York. According to family lore, from an early age he would take objects apart and put them back together again to the consternation of his mother. Thus was born the inventor who later came up with an idea for a revolutionary “TINELOK” nut and bolt system.

As we segue to the early 1970s, our esteemed inventor had a brilliant idea to engage his four sons. He decided to redesign an aging lawnmower into one with handlebars and a seat in order to have a fun exercise for his rambunctious offspring. While preparing the handlebars, they kept falling off the lawnmower frame. In frustration, he stormed into his workshop and designed a system to insure that the handlebars remained in place. There and then he invented a nut and bolt system that was strong and reliable when the occasion was called for. As Thomas Edison once said, “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk!”

Today and seventeen patents later, our nut and bolt is a marvelous self -locking and vibration proof system that has captured the interest of the U.S. armed services as well as numerous companies both in the U.S. and abroad.

Thanks Bob!