TineLokTM ® fasteners are used in a wide variety of Military & Commercial Applications!


Door window assemblies, dash board nuts and bolts and wire hanger attachments, wheel lug nuts, motor mounts, exhaust systems, shock absorber mounting, steering rods, etc. In addition, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, ambulances, trail bikes and related devices require vibration-proof fastening for long term use.

Plumbing/Valve Assemblies

All types of valve assemblies that are sensitive to vibration, heat and cold, moisture and extreme environmental conditions will improve performance with vibration-proof fastening. Plumbing applications in which the fastening bond needs to be rigid and yet reusable.


Engine frame vibration mounts, landing gear motor mounts and wheel landing components, wire harness hangers within the fuselages, gearing mechanisms for vertical rudder and horizontal stabilizers and landing flaps, helicopters, and high vibration air transports are ideal candidates for vibration-proof fastening.

Marine/Military, Research and Private

Large and small sea craft have major vibration problems from pounding seas, in board and outboard engine mounts, control and steering mechanisms, drive shaft, propellers, deck mounts, sail furling systems, etc… All demand vibration-proof fasteners.


All areas as described for heavy duty automotive use. Tank anti-rocket side panels, tracks, steering systems, firing action control systems plus major engine and steering requirements as well as bulldozers and front loaders need vibration-proof fasteners.


Tractor steering mechanisms, towing hitches, all crop gathering mechanisms, pump mountings (fuel and water), backhoes, diggers (standard and large) and more make vibration-proof fastening a must.


Lifting cranes, steel beam attachments, interior and exterior window frame surfaces, recessed bolt mounting, air conditioning placements, independent power supply systems, gas and oil feed lines, jackhammers and road pavers call for vibration-proof fasteners.


Bolt and nut plates for tracks, track switching devices, mechanical gates, electrical power supply plates, engines and rail cars, freight and cargo trains, military transports need vibration-proof fasteners.

Highways, Bridges and Tunnels

All steel structure bolting for vibration protection, cabling plates, vertical and horizontal stabilizers, tunneling equipment and tracking, tracking gear, power supply units for all types last longer with vibration-proof fasteners.

Electronic and Medical

Electronic boards, panels, internal computer boards, MRI and CAT scan type equipment, ambulances and medical equipment that is sensitive to vibration will improve performance with vibration-proof fastening.