Message from the President

Words from Permanent Technologies President
A third generation Fastener Manufacturer

fredMy late grandfather, Frederick J. Barry, founded Worcester Taper Pin Company (WTP) in 1929 in central MA, and operated it for 36 years before retiring.  They closed their doors forever on June 5, 1997, ending an era for the once held world dominance in the manufacture of taper pins.  My manufacturing career began when I apprenticed in my father’s factories (Alfred E. Barry, Fred Barry to most) at Valve Components, New England Specialty Nut, and NUTS Inc. I was introduced to machinery producing these various components as a freshman in high school, and my machining experiences continued while attending Business school in the mid 1970’s. I started my real career in the fastener industry upon graduation.

In 1984, my family and I purchased Standard Lock Washer & Mfg. Company, ending up back in the taper pin business. The Stanlok Group consisted of the above manufacturing entities and Largo Corporation, a real estate entity, and produced special hex nuts, valve components, taper pins and multiple components.  Along with marriage, came raising a family and I was quite busy during the late 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s and into the 2000’s. I continued to learn through fastener industrial trade shows, local fastener organizational memberships, readings and communications with my fastener peers. I also grew my knowledge through various technical and business related courses, increasing my personal growth and awareness as the global fastener business world unfolded with the advent of the internet.

I left the family business in 2002 to pursue an upper management position with Dienes Corporation, a manufacturing company in the converting industry with $30 million a year in sales. This experience increased my knowledge from a German management manufacturing prospective, as Dienes was owned by a German family with divisions in Germany, Hungary, France, Poland, Belgium and USA.

In 2010, I joined the I.G. Marston Co., Inc in MA, as they had lost their owner/president and were heading towards bankruptcy, and were aggressively seeking an experienced fastener individual to solve their misfortunes. Fortunately, I not only improved the companies’ immediate problems, but succeeded in growing the sales leaving behind this company with a solid and viable future. I moved on from this small business platform in August 2013, pursuing my next career move, accepting a position with Permanent Technologies as their president and mentor, using my vast successful fastener industrial experiences to shape this companies business model into the future.

As a note, from my childhood years on, I was fortunate enough to have learned to set up and operate various screw machines, CNC lathes and mills and all types of secondary equipment while acquiring my business degree and attending WPI’s MBA program. Those experiences and endeavors allow me to be a proud member of Permanent Technology’s management team, a startup fastener company promoting a solid, competitive entry into the vibration proof nut & bolt fastener assembly markets.  I strongly recommend YOU, the potential client, further investigate our tested products. We have the industrial experience and know how to solve your vibration problem.

Fred Barry II
Permanent Technologies, Inc.