Military Applications

TineLokTM ® Fastener Assembly for the Military:

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 6.31.30 AM

TineLokTM ® (the nut in above photos) is different and innovative.

  • Mechanical locking system requires NO special tools. Current fasteners are stainless steel or peek plastic which present a wide range of advantages from torque and tensile strength to weight and safety.
  • Locking tines (above photos in RED) inserted in the nut supply positive MECHANICAL locking at a variety of torques to meet the manufacturers design requirements. Once the tines are engaged, the joint is secure.
  • Current Materials: this fastener assembly has been produced in 316 stainless steel nut and with an Ultem 1000 material used for the tine insert due to great tensile strength and rigidity and excellent thermal and electrical properties as well.
  • Military specifications require three key areas of concern: high, consistent clamp load, vibration proof and high fatigue endurance plus high shear and tensile load values.

Fastener developed in conjunction with the Program Engineering team on the LCAC (Landing Craft Air Cushion) program of the US Navy commonly know as the Hovercraft.

TinelokTM ® fastener provides a “mission enhancing” and price competitive solution to their current fastener which requires special expensive tooling and a greater number of labor hours to retrofit the craft. Use of the TinelokTM ® fastener ensures quick installation while at sea or on a mission with simple wrench’s without returning to dry dock.

A 316 SS, self locking TineLokTM ® Nut and Bolt with an Ultem 1000 insert, embedded in one side of the nut, providing superior locking capabilities in applications where vibration is an issue.