Motorsports Industry Press Release


Permanent Technology TineLokTM ® Vibration-Proof Fastening System Withstands Harsh and Treacherous Mexican Desert Conditions to Keep Baja Challenge Cars on Track

Hauppauge, New York – Permanent Technologies, Inc. (OTC:PERT) TineLokTM ® Vibration-proof Fastening System may permanently transform the motorsports industry.

TineLokTM ® was installed on off-road vehicles in the most recent SCORE Baja 1000 Challenge desert race through the treacherous and unforgiving Mexican Desert. This harsh and extreme environment can make normal fasteners shake loose – losing races and causing damage to cars and harm to drivers.

The results? This year, TineLokTM ® fasteners won, never once letting go throughout the entire race. This success is a victory for TineLokTM ®, the SCORE Baja 1000 Challenge and motorsports safety.

This stunning victory for Permanent Technologies could lead to TineLokTM ® of becoming standard equipment in motorsports vehicles of all kinds in the future.

“This is revolutionary, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this amazing new fastener,” says Ryan F. Hill, General Manager of Hillco Fastener Warehouse of Garden Grove, California, a major supplier of fasteners worldwide. “TineLokTM ® fasteners were installed as shock-mount bolts in the recent Baja 1000 race. The bolts were exposed to a brutal beating, bouncing and pounding through the rugged desert terrain.”

“Drivers were all highly impressed by the durability of TineLokTM ® – they never broke, never loosened and never failed. Installation, removal and replacement was a snap too, which came in handy for roadside repairs. One team made a quick shock absorber switch – with no special tools – then got the car back on the road to continue racing. If the racers we talked to are any indication, Permanent Technologies has a real winner here,”
said Hill.

“We are really thrilled with the way TineLokTM ® performed in the extreme conditions of off-road desert racing in the Baja Challenge. This appears to be only the beginning for TineLokTM ®. We believe there are many applications that demand the safety, reliability and security that TineLokTM ® delivers in high-vibration situations,” said Permanent Technologies CEO, Loren Ball.