Navy Hovercrafts Press Release

PODCAST Listen Now: Navy Specifies New Fastening System for Hovercrafts

Newly developed system is described as vibration-proof, reduces downtime

Hauppauge, New York — (BUSINESS WIRE) — The U.S. Navy is using a new vibration-proof fastening system designed to dramatically reduce maintenance and improve performance of its Hovercraft, also known as the Landing Craft, Air Cushion (LCAC).

The ship is used by the U.S. Marine Corps to transport supplies, vehicles and troops to the shore from a Wasp class assault ship or other amphibious vessel. They can travel at up to 40 knots (46 mph) and can be mounted with two machine gun emplacements and 40 mm grenade launchers.

They have been slowed in the past by damage to 100 rubberpleated skirt pieces that fit to their lower portion. The previously used fasteners had to be removed with bolt cutters. Additionally, a 2-ft section had to be replaced even though only front sections were torn. “It is a very time-consuming and laborious task for the Navy personnel and requires them to climb under the Hovercraft,” says Loren J. Ball, CEO of Permanent Technologies of Hauppauge, NY.

In the new design, a replaceable rubber section in the front of the pleat is attached with 22 Tine-LokTM ® fasteners that can be removed with regular tools. “The time savings is huge and they believe that the skirts will be repaired more often since it is not a major production as in the past,” says Ball. Each Hovercraft will use 7,000 to 10,000 Tine-LokTM ® Fasteners.

The Tine-LokTM ® nut has one or more tines that work in conjunction with longitudinal bolt thread channels to prevent counter rotation and loosening. The number of nut tines and the number of bolt channel locks vary based on vendor specifications. They can be made from many different metals, ranging from stainless steel to proprietary alloys. The Navy asked Ball to explore the feasibility of meeting specifications with a molded plastic version.

Listen to a podcast with Loren Ball on the new fastening system!

U.S. Navy Places Order For TineLokTM ® Vibration-Proof Fasteners in Thermo-Plastic Material

Permanent Technologies will supply its latest design TineLokTM ® Vibration-proof Fastening System products made from VICTREX ® PEEK High Performance Thermo-Plastic to the U.S. Navy for testing on the LCAC Hovercraft

Hauppauge, New York –(BUSINESS WIRE)– Permanent Technologies, Inc. (PERT.PINK) secured an initial order for TineLokTM ® Vibration-Proof Fasteners from the United States Navy for their testing on its Hovercrafts, the Landing Craft, Air Cushion (LCAC).

Earlier this year TineLokTM ® stainless steel products passed, with flying colors, a series of highly demanding field tests conducted by the U.S. Navy. According the Navy’s Engineer in Charge, the TineLok fasteners worked flawlessly and will be a valuable component of their new skirt design for the Hovercraft.

TineLok’sTM ® latest products – made from VICTREX © PEEK High performance Thermo-plastic – will now be installed on the LCAC for advanced testing. This new material is as strong as its steel counterpart at about one quarter the weight. It offers the Navy significant potential for savings in fuel consumption and overall LCAC maintenance costs.

“We expect to begin delivery on this order within about six weeks,” said Loren Ball, President and CEO of Permanent Technologies, Inc. “There is little doubt that high performance plastic and other new materials are in TineLok’sTM ® future. Our stainless steel products met all expectations for use on the Navy’s Hovercraft. And we’re confident the new materials will also meet or exceed the Navy’s exacting requirements.”